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Most-loved cover songs by Faith to lighten your mood & make any day, a day with wings! Be elevated by inspiring songs, colorful arrangements, and stunning vocals on this groovy positive pop album meant to celebrate just how wonderful life is!


As Faith says 'These are the songs my mom has always wanted me to record but...with a twist' - a soulful, fresh, & fun rockin' twist, that is. Read Faith's notes below on this ecletic collection of uplfiting songs & arrangements featured on this sweet album - the PERFECT GIFT for those you love & hold most dear. Raise them up by giving them 'Raise Me Up'


Album Notes from Faith...


(#1) The album opens with a starry night, crickets singing, & a soft wash of music as AMAZING GRACE begins. The 1st soothing verse ends...then the acoustic guitar kicks in & this traditional lost&found song takes on a new rockin' life.


(#2) A baby tinkle on the ivories opens ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. The lush groove & vocals are hypnotic as we're reminded of the most powerful force in the universe. Duh...LOVE!


(#3) If you've ever been uncomfy with the limits of your religious or spiritual beliefs - this is YOUR song. HOLY NOW is the song I wish I wrote. It is a heart-opening gem by Peter Mayer that simply says - 'Everything is holy now. Everything's a miracle.' Expect simple yet profound lyrics, rockin' guitars & a funky jam at the end.


(#4) The electronic dance groove kicks in & you know this ain't your typical THIS LITTLE LITGHT OF MINE. It's an empowering, updated version with this Chinese proverb as the bridge: 'When there's light in the soul, there is beauty in the person. When there's beauty in the person, there is harmony in the home. When there's harmony in the home, there is honor is the nation. When there's honor in the nation, there is PEACE in the world!'


(#5) Dedicated to my mom & dad WIND BENEATH MY WINGS done with a lilting R&B groove ala Alicia Keyes . One of the most intimate & authentic vocal performances I've ever recorded.


(#6) Gorgeous acoustic guitar starts this sweet, soulful version of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD driven with a juicy bed of percussion/hand drum.


(#7) Soaring melody & vocals (even a bazouki) over a bubbling bed of rhythm on my version of YOU RAISE ME UP.


(#8) A lonely rhodes sets the tone for this warm, ambient, jazz rendition of Schubert's AVE MARIA with some reharmonization by yours truly.


(#9) Finger-snaps kick in this fun, acoustic, bluegrass-ish song THING CALLED LIFE. It's my only original on the album.


(#10) This was the toughest song on the album to record: Freddie Mercury's DON'T STOP ME NOW. The backing vocals ala Queen's version - saved the day. Expect a fun mix between a driving dance groove & an empowering Sheryl Crow swing.

Raise Me Up

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