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New Single

Ready to take your gratitude practice to a whole new level?!  Here's the perfect song to get your thankful vibes flowing.  It's funky, playful and catchy too so you can sing along and set your intention everyday to #celebrateappreciate!

Enjoy the modern Motown-feel with a driving rhythm, fun backing vocals, groovy bass & guitar and Faith's soulful lead to lift the energy up and put everyone in a party mood! ​

Single available here at my music store

or on all streaming platforms

Charts, Karaoke Track, Lyric Video & Karaoke Lyric Video available so you can sing & share it with others!

Featuring LIVE BAND

  • Jaslyn Loftin - co-writer, producer, keys, vocals

  • Devon Lafoga - bass

  • Curtis Byrd - drum

  • John Depatie - guitar

Mixed & Mastered by Kelly Nunn

Bundle includes:

Celebrate, Appreciate MP3

Karaoke MP3

Instrumental MP3

Lead Sheet (Melody, chord progression & lyrics)

Band Chart (For bass, keys, drums, guitar)

Vocal Scare (Lead vocal & backing vocal notation)


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