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Bliss Happens


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Welcome to “Bliss Happens: Your Journey to Joy” a vibrant podcast where diversity meets unity, and spirituality intertwines with soulful beats. Expect infectious, uplifting energy and meaningful conversations on living an authentic life of joy.  We’ll share a mosaic of experiences, perspectives and well-being practices including special guests. Let’s celebrate the bliss that happens when we open our hearts, expand our minds, and connect authentically with the world and others around us.

Your Co-Hosts

Meet Faith Rivera, Emmy award winning music mom with melodies to ignite your spirit and raise the vibe. Chad Bradford, a theatre artist, and director bridges the world of classic art and modern dilemmas. Rev. Skip Jennings, a gay Black Reverend with a deep love for house music whose wisdom and beats are a balm for the soul.

Faith's Favorite Episodes

From Fraidy Holes to Pissosity

- a Call for Love & Action

Voices of Unity dives right into the recent Uvalde tragedy - grieving, processing, exploring what is ours to do.  Through tears & laughter, discover practices & ahas as they weave this challenging time with talk of fraidy holes to pissosity, Shakespeare to Shark Tank & more. By the end, you’ll say Alohaluia (and know what it means too)!


Surviving the Dark Night of our Species

- Be a Camel

Legendary spiritual theologian & activist, Matthew Fox, metaphysically shakes things up with Faith & the Boys!  Like an MD Mystic, Matthew drops a diagnosis on today’s world, offers 4 paths to take and empowering practices to help along the way like daily meditations, praying the news & being a “camel” in these desert times.  From falling in love more with creation, the invention of sin, the new vocation for seniors and our power as prophets & mystics to change the course of our future through projects like the “Order of the Sacred Earth.”, everyone is truly up-leveled in this transformative conversation!


Much ado about everything

So much to chat about in this episode with big news from Rev. Skip, exploring Shakespeare to Survivor,  parenthood to bishophood, BIPOC and upleveling the entertainment industry to include everyone!  And a special treat, hear co-hosts Chad and Faith each share an original Shakespeare song live & unplugged!

Our Amazing Guests include:

Matthew Fox

Ani Zonnevled

John Raatz

Jim Blake

Dr. & Master Sha

Karen Drucker

Harold Payne

Kim Belew

Daniel Nahmod

Machiel Klerk

Pamela Brinker

Saba Moore-Doucette

Nick Phelps

Kathryn Ford and more!

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