Here is the anthem that gave birth to the full album - RISE!  It's about letting spirit, that “something bigger” rise through you.  And together, let “it” rise through us as an empowering, impactful tribe of heart-centered, solution-oriented creators.  


I close my eyes, I open my heart

I take a deep breath, Let the healing start

I lift my hands, I plant my feet

I let love in, I feel the beat

That’s calling, calling, calling us to…


Rise, rise

Spirit rise up

Rise in me


I ready my soul, I clear my mind

I’m here & now in present time

I feel the power of a thousand suns

Lighting up the dark, Oh we rise as one

(double chorus)


I sing to you (I sing to you)

You sing to me (You sing to me)

Change up this noise, Make sweet harmony

(double chorus)


Heart to heart (Heart to heart)

Hand in hand (Hand in hand)

No turning back, onward to Promise Land

Do you feel the power of a thousand suns

Lighting up the dark – oh we rise as one


Love’s calling…calling out your name

Love’s calling – that’s why we came

Love’s calling…calling out your name

Love’s calling – it’s why we came

(double chorus)


Rise up, rise up

Rise up, rise up


Come on and rise up

Come on lift your hands up – JUMP

Reach for the sky

Going up high

Higher yeah


Rise up!  Come on raise your voices – SHOUT

Love is alive, We’re bringing the light brighter, brighter



Rise up…come on and rise up…




Rise by Faith Rivera & Imua Garza

Lil’ Girl Creations (ASCAP) / Zeo Music (ASCAP)  copyright 2018

Produced by Imua Garza




In 2019, Rise was nominated in the Most Uniting Song Category at the Empower Music Fest where the the Posi Choir Performed it so beautifully.

Rise is the perfect song for soloists or groups to engage their community!  Or as I use it, a personal mantra to set the vibe for a day of purpose, flow & expansion.

With this special RISE bundle, you can enjoy, use & share the song in a number of fun ways.

RISE Bundle ($10) includes

  • Full Song (mp3)
  • Karaoke Track (mp3)
  • Choral Chart
  • Lead Sheet (melody, lyrics, chords)
  • Rhythm Chart for Band
  • Backing Vocals Chart
  • Lyric Video
  • Karaoke Lyric Video
  • Lyrics (Word text)
  • Rise Lyric Poster (sample below)

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Recording @Imua's Recording Studio



Originally written for the opening of Association Global New Thought’s conference, RISE debuted as a pulsing pop soundtrack weaving in & out of inspired messages by AGNT new thought leaders:  Kenn Gordon, David Alexander, Roger Teel, Temple Hayes, and Michael Beckwith. 

Imua Garza, local island producer, added the moving bridge section and created a lush landscape from strings to funky moog synth bass to Prince-like electric guitar solo.  It's my first production back home in Hawaii and sets the tone for the whole album!

Original crew of singers/musicians on RISE (live @ AGNT)