Ready or Not

This sassy song came to life at a collab writing event in LA in Aug 2019 with Dree Patterson & Tony Serzo, new awesome writers I met that day.  We had 2 hours to create a song on the theme of Female Empowerment.  We talked about the US Women's Soccer team - how they surprised everyone and the world with their brilliance at the perfect time!  I mentioned how a Kahuna told me this is the time for the "kane" (men) to soften & the "wahine" (women) to reclaim their power.  We wanted to write a song to cheer on all the girls who choose to be different, who choose to play with balls instead of dolls (LOL), to empower women to break free from stereotypes and just "take over the world" with their knowing of who they are and the awesomeness they are here to bring!  Tony started the production ideas and handed it over to Somer Bingham who completed the production & our song to make it what it is.  

It's definitely a different, new voice for me and it honestly felt good to channel some of my past anger & blame into forward-facing fire that's all about me/us owning our power! 

[Pic above is of my 1st pro job with a girl group SLK]


READY OR NOT                           

Listen up – we’re gonna tell ya

Let's break it up - them stale ideas

Freshen up  - gonna air it out

Shake it up, right here

We didn't stopped when they told us to 

Knock it off -take a back seat

No we're not, had enough of this

We're talking the wheel

They didn't know, they didn't see, they didn't think

We're coming outta left field, faster than they blink

They try to write us off, but here we go - hey it's on

Now we've come together - girls let's bring it on


We're taking over, make it bolder

Drop it like it's hot

We synergize & energize

Hold up, ready or not


Ready or not…


Hey, hey, hey we’re blowing up - what they thought we could

Do or not – we’re on the rise

Showing up brighter than before

Spreading like wildfire

They gonna know, they gonna see, they gonna think

It's not about the lipstick or dishes in the sink

They'll look us in the eye and listen up, listen in

R E S P E C T go for the win





We’re taking over

Dropping it like it’s hot

It’s time to show ya

Hold up, ready or not







Ready or Not by Dree Patterson, Tony Serzo, Somer Bingham and Faith Rivera

Dree Patterson Music  (SESAC) / il' Girl Creations (ASCAP) 

copyright 2020 

Produced by Somer Bingham