Thanks to Hawaii Songwriting Festival and Creative Lab Hawaii's Music Immersive, I found myself in a hotel room with Nitanee Paris, an amazing songwriter & leader in the community, and local awesome EDM/Pop producer Sebastian Hughes.  Nitanee & I talked about wanting a different story for women, different than the cat-fighting, jealousy, sometimes back-stabbing and instead a new story about building each other up, rising together, truly being a "tribe"!  Once we hit on that word, the song started to unfold from Sebastian's uplifting track & soaring melody in the hook to the idea of a "circle," a beautiful "circle of stars." 

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One step away

Forward in motion

Know where I’ve been

Know where I’m going

Voices rise up

A beautiful sound

There’s more than enough

Music to go around

Everyone/ step in line with me

Put your hands up, get on your feet

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh


This is my circle

This is my tribe

Lean in together

We know we’re all on the same side

We are stars in the same sky

Circle of stars in the same big sky

We burning brighter than before

We shining on forever more

Circle of stars in the same big sky


This kind of love

Could fill up an ocean

I’ll lift you up

You keep me going

Anything’s possible

There’s nothing we can’t do

Bring out the best in me

I give it back to you




Lean in...this is my circle

Lean in...this is my tribe

Lean in...this is my circle

Lean in...this is my tribe




Lean in...

Lean in...

Circle Credits


Circle by Faith Rivera, Sebastian Hughes & Nitanee Paris

Lil' Girl Creations (ASCAP) / Celadon Sky Publishing (ASCAP)

copyright 2018

Produced by Sebastian Hughes