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Song Name



Power of You & Me Songbook (DOWNLOAD -or- Heart Necklace FLASH DRIVE):

17 songs for gathering, prosperity, reflection and celebrating peace & oneness available only by Download or on a beautiful heart necklace Flash Drive! INCLUDES: Lead sheets, Piano & Vocal Arrangements, Lyrics & Full Version MP3s, Karaoke & Instrumental MP3s, plus BONUS Videos.


1) 1,2,3 Power of You & Me

2) Beautiful

3) Child of this Universe

4) Coming Together

5) Here & Now

6) I Will Surrender

7) I'm Beautiful

8) I'm Making Money

9) Let it Out

10) Peace Jam

11) Peace Today

12) Power of Now

13) Stand Together

14) Standing as One

15) Thing Called Life

16) This Little Light of Mine

17) Together

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In 2019, Rise was nominated in the Most Uniting Song Category at the Empower Music Fest where the the Posi Choir Performed it so beautifully.

Rise is the perfect song for soloists or groups to engage their community!  Or as I use it, a personal mantra to set the vibe for a day of purpose, flow & expansion.

With this special RISE bundle, you can enjoy, use & share the song in a number of fun ways.

RISE Bundle ($10) includes

  • Full Song (mp3)
  • Karaoke Track (mp3)
  • Choral Chart
  • Lead Sheet (melody, lyrics, chords)
  • Rhythm Chart for Band
  • Backing Vocals Chart
  • Lyric Video
  • Karaoke Lyric Video
  • Lyrics (Word text)
  • Rise Lyric Poster (sample below)

Purchase below and include your email address where the download link will be sent.


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God Is... (Choral Arrangement)

NEW Choral Arrangement of Faith Rivera’s

G O D  I S . . .  in the style of Pentatonix

by Grammy-award winning arranger & producer BEN BRAM

  • Pop Acapella Arrangement
  • Solo + 4-part SATB
  • Can also work with band or other instrumentation

If you’ve heard the brilliant, award-winning arrangements of “Imagine” or “Mary Do You Know?” and more hits sung by billboard charting acapella group, Pentatonix, then you’ve heard the work of Ben Bram.  He is the collaborating arranger and producer for Pentatonix and his arrangements are in high demand at $150+ or more for a single choral chart.  Bring this special arrangement of a new thought favorite to your choir & community!

How many singers:

$20 for 10 Copies

$40 for 20 Copies

Rehearsal Tracks available ($5), contact [email protected]


Behind the Sheet Music with Faith on New Choral Arrangement of “God Is…”

God Is… is one of my personal favorites – a song that seemed to write itself, a song that wanted to show me the truth of who I am.  It’s been beautiful to see the song reach others and play a part in their spiritual lives & practice as it does for me.  In recent years, I’ve been asked for a choral arrangement of God Is… by a number of music directors.

On a side note, I’ve been a fan, or more a like freak for Pentatonix – a five-member acapella group that won NBC’s Sing Off and since then has risen to the top of music industry for their creative, soulful, brilliant musical sharings from covers to their own originals.  In my dreams, I’m their 6th member!

So inspiration hit early this summer after someone again asked for a choral arrangement.  I thought why not get Pentatonix’s main arranging collaborator & producer, Ben Bram to create a Pentatonix-esque arrangement of God Is…?!  So this arrangement is a result of me giving myself the biggest gift ever and splurging to have his brilliance take “God Is…” to the next level.

Ben said it’s a beautiful song and initially wanted to create a 7 part arrangement but I asked him for a simpler version to start.  It may not be 7 parts or have beat box like Pentatonix, but I know it’ll be wonderful and one-of-a-kind once your groups & choirs do your special thing with it!

Can’t wait to hear your beautiful version!


Available Sheet Music

Lead Sheet - Melody, Lyrics, & Chords
Band Chart - Chords & Band cues (no lyrics/melody)
Piano Chart - Notated Piano Part
Backing Vox - Background vocal w/ lyrics/melody)

-According to Me (lead sheet)
-All That You Are (band chart)
-All This & More (band chart)
-Amazing Grace (band chart)

-Beautiful (lead sheet + band chart)
-Beauty of You (lead sheet + band chart)
-Believe (lead sheet + band chart)

-Best Day Yet (lead sheet + band chart)  NEW
-Bring Me Back (band chart)

-Called to Be (lead sheet, band chart, + piano chart)
-Child of this Universe (lead sheet)
-Colors of Praise (lead sheet, band chart, piano chart +  backing vox)
-Come See Her Smile (lead sheet)
-Coming Together (lead sheet)

-Don't Let the Music Die (lead sheet)

-Freedom & Peace (lead sheet + band chart)

-Gifts the Storm May Bring (lead sheet, band chart + backing vox) 
-God Is... (lead sheet + piano chart)

-Here & Now (lead sheet + band chart)

-I Will Surrender (lead sheet + band chart)

-I'll Miss You, I'll Bless You (band chart)
-I'm Making Money (lead sheet includes backing vox + band chart) 
-I'm Beautiful (lead sheet + band chart)
-Instrument of Peace (lead sheet)

-Kumbaya (lead sheet + band chart)

-Let it Out (lead sheet + band chart)

-Mirror, Mirror (band chart)

-No Resistance (lead sheet + band chart)

-Over & Over Again (lead sheet + band chart) NEW

-Peace Jam (band chart)
-Peace Today (lead sheet)
-Portuguese Man O' War (band chart)
-Power of Now (lead sheet + piano accompaniment) 
-Pure (band chart)

-Rise (lead sheet, band chart, choral arrangment)

-Silent Night ~ Around the World (lead sheet + band chart) NEW
-So Long As... (lead sheet)
-Stand Together (lead sheet + band chart) 
-Standing as One (lead sheet)
-Suncatcher (lead sheet)

-Thing Called Life (lead sheet + band chart)
-This Little Light of Mine (lead sheet + band chart)
-Together (lead sheet)

-Vision (lead sheet + band chart)

-Wonder (lead sheet)
-Women of Today (lead sheet)
-The World is Waiting for You (lead sheet)

-Your Love (lead sheet)