Special RISE Bundle

Fresh from the islands, here is my latest anthem to let spirit, let that “something bigger” rise through you.  And together, let “it” rise through us as an empowering, impactful tribe of heart-centered, solution-oriented creators.  Originally written for the opening of Association Global New Thought’s conference, RISE debuted as a pulsing pop soundtrack weaving in & out of inspired messages by AGNT new thought leaders:  Kenn Gordon, David Alexander, Roger Teel, Temple Hayes, and Michael Beckwith. 

Now with the help of Hawaiian producer/songwriter, Imua Garza,we've created a sweet production of RISE with an intimate start featuring just vocal & rhythm, opening up to strings and growing in intensity & groove into a funky, soulful celebration.

The perfect song for soloists or groups to engage their community!  Or as I use it, a personal mantra to set the vibe for a day of purpose, flow & expansion.

With this special RISE bundle, you can enjoy, use & share the song in a number of fun ways while supporting my continued music-making!

Keep on shining!  Keep on rising!

RISE Bundle ($10) includes

  • Full Song (mp3)
  • Karaoke Track (mp3)
  • Choral Chart
  • Lead Sheet (melody, lyrics, chords)
  • Rhythm Chart for Band
  • Backing Vocals Chart
  • Lyric Video
  • Karaoke Lyric Video
  • Lyrics (Word text)
  • Rise Lyric Poster (sample below)

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Mahalo for your awesome support!

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rise lyric poster

Posi World Choir 2019 sings RISE



Original crew of singers/musicians on RISE (live @ AGNT)